One thought on “The Road to a New Energy System: Mobilizing Science to Revitalize Early Childhood Policy

  1. leon petchkovsky

    We know, from a large research base, that Developmental Trauma produces a huge range of negative outcomes.
    There is MUCH less research on the positive impact of “good enough” nurturance (especially on emotional and relational vectors). Does anyone out there know of any studies in this field…For instance, has anyone done a 5 year follow up that demonstrates improvements in empathy/mindfulness in 5 year olds who have had a GOOD start in life?
    National and organizational programs supporting the nurturance of nurturers could well reduce the load of mental illness/personality disorder, HPA Axis dysfunction/metabolic syndrome, social dysfunction including criminality etc by 25 % or so over a 20 year period.
    But it would be nice to have a corresponding figure for the likelihood of producing a generation of more empathic/mindful people.

    Even if that were 10% or so, it might achieve the critical mass this Planet needs to repair global climate change, global terrorism etc.

    Help ????


    (I’m a psychiatrist with a background in depth/psychoanalytic psychotherapies and neuroimaging studies who works with disadvantaged Australian Aboriginal communities, and would love to be able to influence our politicians to nurture the nurturance of nurturers)


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