3 thoughts on “A Future for U.S. Fisheries

  1. James A

    Managing fish populations in an ecosystem as large as the ocean appears, from the outside, to be a very complex process. Anglers should applaud the work of Carl Safina who work to ensure the care of this great resource.

  2. Matt Schmidt

    Fishing is important to USA’s economy, to protecting our natural resources and as a mainstay in the state’s heritage and quality of life.
    So, it should raise concern when state wildlife officials cite a decline in the percentage of residents who hunt, fish or do both. They say the actual number of people in the state with fishing licenses is holding steady or increasing, but primarily because of population growth.

    I agree with your views that Government and fishery industry people need to settle down this thing, once for all. However, it is not that simple as it looks.

  3. Tim Clarke

    conservation is extremely necessary but we need to give opportunity to fishermen as well to join hands with the government. Their access to waters is more than govnt can do. Offering them some incentives and getting them in touch with local breeders can help in releasing larvaes into water. This is where the game can change. Instead of making up whole new campaigns, hiring tons to new people, govnt can simply do small contracts with fishermen.

    This has been worked out before as well but I dont know why local politics gets into action and stop such plans in the name of new jobs creation which seldom works.


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