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Health Care Touchstones: Cost and Quality

Spring 2008


Science in the developing world; Dealing with disability; Gone fishing; Innovation in poor countries; Racial disparities at birth; Energy in all directions; Bipartisan environmentalism; Open access; Freedom of speech

From the Hill

Bush proposes 3.3% increase in FY 2009 R&D budget; Energy bill boosting CAFE standards approved; Report faults food-safety agency; Oil lease sales begin despite polar bear concerns; EPA denies California emissions waiver; Climate change bills advance in Senate; EPA launches nanotechnology program

Perspective: A New System for Preventing Bridge Collapses

George C. Lee, Ernest Sternberg

Perspective: The R&D Future of Intelligence

Bruce Berkowitz

The U.S. intelligence community faces a changing landscape. Here is a blueprint for how it can best harness the potential of technology. One key: foster risk-taking.

Asian Successes vs. Middle Eastern Failures: The Role of Technology Transfer in Economic Development