One thought on “Fixing the Parole System

  1. Cathy Wiley

    As a mother of a parolee I will tell you this, they MAKE it so HARD for them to, 1. find a place the stay, 2. find a job, 3. save money for say, rent, a car, insurance, 4. get the medical help they need, and why? All because they want MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son has a job, BUT, he has to pay CONSTANTLY, for pee test $100 a shot, swab, more money, he has asthma, allergies and anxiety, yet he can’t take the meds he needs cause they show up in his pee wrong……… what?????????????? Now they want him to go to therapy, but, he has to PAY FOR IT!!! My son does NOT need therapy. I am so sick and tired of this system doing EVERYTHING in their POWER to screw over my son! He SPENT his time in prison for his crime, WHY does he STILL get punished??? Plus he gas to pay money to a lady every month, when he didn’t harm her, the other kid did, my son was in the store. We could not afford a lawyer of course so he had to plea bargain. Now thats all well and good, but they put WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE on these guys to the point where they give up! THAT IS STUPID! Now the so called criminal is back to crime and back to prison, so the prison can get more MONEY. They DESTROY families without a thought, these ppl did their time for their crime, why won’t the system let them FREE????? They give them YEARS of parole, then it moves to YEARS of probation, meanwhile the parole officer does everything they can to push the parolee and the family, if they live with them, I KNOW, I live it every day. IT NEEDS TO STOP, a parolee should be able to complain and be HEARD when he is being harassed by his parole/ probation officer. INSTEAD, they threaten them so they can’t complain. I had to write the Governor of my state to complain about the parole officer they gave my son, she was a scum bucket, the worst person I’ve ever met in my life. That was the only way I could get rid of her and get her away from my son and our family. We did not ask to have a family member on parole, but when you see them trying so hard and you watch the parole system pushing them around, its VERY disheartening, and frustrating.


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