KAY JACKSON, Industrial Clouds, Oil with gold and copper leaf on canvas, 34 X 38 inches, 2003.

Industrial Clouds

The paintings of Kay Jackson, an artist based in Washington, DC, address a wide range of environmental concerns including overpopulation, pollution, loss of habitat, and endangered species. In this painting from the National Academy of Sciences’ collection, industrial architecture becomes a symbol for pollution and human interaction with the environment. By using gold and copper leaf under the paint, the artist alludes to the use of the Earth’s elements to convey a message that is both mournful and intriguing.

In 1997, Jackson was commissioned to paint a nocturne of the White House as the official holiday card for President and Mrs. Clinton. Jackson’s work will be featured in a solo exhibition in February 2007 at Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, DC.

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